About Us

Our Approach

Our Firm represents injured persons with a client first approach that emphasizes communication, thoroughness, and advocacy. By collaborating with you we are able to collect and document all of the necessary information and evidence to assert your claim. Our attention to detail ensures that relevant information is documented without delay and included in your case so that recovery is maximized. Our approach means that if litigation is necessary, we have all the tools we need to bring an effective suit on behalf of the client. The thoroughness of our preparation is evident in our negotiations and advocacy and the reason why so many of our cases settle quickly and fairly. We don’t settle cases in mass or take cases we don’t intend to win. Each case is judged and pursued on it’s own merits and clients are treated as people and not just a case. If you want an Attorney who is capable and available for consultation, consider our client first firm.

Our Vision

Our vision is for people from all walks of life to be able to successfully access competent representation and thereby achieve just and equitable resolutions of disputed claims.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring competent counsel and representation to as many clients as possible so that just and equitable resolutions of disputed claims may be had.

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, and Diligence are all required in our pursuit of our core vision and mission. These qualities are what we bring to the table on a daily basis.

Andrew M. Woods

Is a native of Georgia with a very personalized and relatable approach to law. His primary goal is to help his clients feel at ease while navigating complex legal issues.

Andrew completed his undergraduate degree at Brewton Parker College in South Georgia and obtained his Juris Doctorate from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. He is now practicing law in Arizona and Georgia.

Andrew is a member of the Arizona and Georgia Bar, Georgia Bar Association, Atlanta Bar Association, and Cobb County Bar Association.

What Our Clients Say

Quick, thorough & he got me a lot of money from my accident!!! Andrew handled my case with diligence, swiftly and with a fine tooth comb. He left nothing back. Andrew would call me with updates regarding my case vs. me having to try to get a hold of him constantly for updates. However when I did need to call him with any inquiry he was either available or would return my call promptly. He also got me a lot $ for my settlement. I’m extremely impressed and very satisfied!


Andrew was excellent in handling my case Bad car wreck He got my car fixed through the insurance company Medical care was taken care of and The settlement was the limits of the other driver’s policy $ 25,000 He was awesome and way beyond the call of duty Great negotiator Caring and very diligent in taking care of me and my family

Anonymous Very pleased

Mr. Woods handled my case with care and professionalism. His dedication and personal attention to my case were incredible. He is very knowledgeable and worked hard to make sure I got what I deserved and was happy. I will be going to him for any future legal needs.

Anonymous I'll never go anywhere else!

After I was in a car wreck the insurance company offered me $5,000.00. I hired Mr. Woods and he got me $16,000.00 after fees

Anonymous $11,000.00 more that what the insurance adjuster offered

Mr. Woods handled my case with grace and dignity. He went above and beyond his duties as my Lawyer for my Auto Accident.

Melissa Happy to Moo.