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About Us

Our Firm represents injured persons with a client first approach that emphasizes communication, thoroughness, and advocacy. By collaborating with you we are able to collect and document all of the necessary information and evidence to assert your claim. Our attention to detail ensures that relevant information is documented without delay and included in your case so that recovery is maximized. Our approach means that if litigation is necessary, we have all the tools we need to bring an effective suit on behalf of the client. The thoroughness of our preparation is evident in our negotiations and advocacy and the reason why so many of our cases settle quickly and fairly. We don’t settle cases in mass or take cases we don’t intend to win. Each case is judged and pursued on it’s own merits and clients are treated as people and not just a case. If you want an Attorney who is capable and available for consultation, consider our client first firm.


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Personal Injury

We help people injured due to the negligence of others collect maximum compensation.

Wrongful Death

There is nothing more devastating than losing a loved one due to negligence. We help families recover for the greatest loss.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing a D.U.I. or a murder charge, experience counts. We make sure your rights are respected, evidence is examined, and every doubt is fully explored and asserted.

How It Works


Your attorney will work with you to collect all the information and evidence necessary to preserve and pursue your claim


Our team will analyze your case in light of the available evidence and make a demand upon party who injured you or your loved one.

Take Action

Once your case is fully prepared a detailed demand is delivered to the opposing party, their insurance company, and attorneys. If a satisfactory resolution can not be arrived at, we file suit on your behalf and put the power of the courts to work for you.

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Woods Law Firm PLLC 890 W Elliot Road Ste, 102, Gilbert, AZ 85296


Akers & Woods 2839 CHEROKEE STREET NW, KENNESAW, GA 30144

New Mexico

Law Office of Joseph L. Woods LLC 500 Marquette Ave. NW, Ste. 1200, Albuquerque, NM 87102

What Our Clients Say

“Insurance Bad Faith” When your insurance company refuses to treat you fairly you need a skilled Attorney to review your policy and ensure that your insurance company is meeting all of their obligations to you. Examples include lowball estimates of repairs to houses and businesses and failure to pay for reasonable and necessary medical treatment.

Omit Litty Law Group!

As a tenant you are entirtled to safe, sanitary, and habitable conditions. If you are not receiving these basic rights you may be entitled to cash compensation. Examples include mold, cockroached, rats, mice, poor plumbing and leaks. These conditions are unacceptable and we can help you get them remedied.

Tenant Advocacy and Habitability Issues

Excellent! I had an outstanding experience with this law firm. With competent and resourceful expertise, Joseph Lee Woods was careful to make certain I understood my situation with clarity and even welcomed humor. I highly recommend Joseph Lee Woods.


ALWAYS AVAILABLE AND ACCOUNTABLE We worked with Joseph and the Litty Law group on a case, when we were even quite sure we had a case. Joseph was always great at explaining the process in detail so we could understand our case every step of the way. Whenever questions would arise or we wanted an update, Joseph was quick to respond, which was greatly appreciated. On another situation that was out of his jurisdiction, Joseph also gave me good advice on how to seek the right legal direction and gave us a sense of peace with his extensive knowledge base. Having him represent us gave us peace of mind.


Eugene Harris Jr, MBA Attorney Joseph Woods is an excellent and trustworthy professional. He is one of the up and coming young gifted attorneys of today and the future. Knowledgeable and currently educated, great family man too. Go with Joe.